We know that what you believe is what you will teach. At BastropFirst we believe in the Godhead, the Bible, the Salvation of Man, the Spirit-Led Life, and the Local Church. These beliefs help steer us through the journey of life in the unknown, in questions, in challenges, and in successes.


  • The Trinity

  • The Bible

  • The Salvation of Man

  • The Spirit Led Life

  • The Church




BastropFirst will always be a Salvation Station where the unbeliever can come and meet Jesus no matter what or where they have been.  This Salvation Station will continually empower the believer within the local church to worship God, work as co-laborers and reach the lost through the unadulterated word of God.


Each member will actively put God first in every aspect and realm of life.  The specific gifts and callings administered by the Holy Spirit will be active in the lives of the members of the local church.  Ensure the vertical and horizontal relationships between us and God as well as with each other are lived out daily.   The three relationship components are Upward to God, Horizontal with each other and Outward reaching the lost.


We value every member within the local church and appreciate each one being extremely important to God and to the work of this ministry.  We value discipleship as a key activity in building up the body of Christ.  We seek to help the saints of God to be built up on their most holy faith in God.  It is imperative that we, being the local church, love the community around us and minister to both the spiritual and natural needs.  We hold every generation to be of great value!  The children up to and including the most senior are uniquely made and must experience the love of God in tangible ways.


We value the Proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.Matthew 28:18-20 states: “And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given …


We value the Generations: past, present, and future. Psalms 78:5-7 states: “He established a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers to teach to …


We value building the Community of Bastrop County. Acts 2:46-47 states: “And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous …


We value the whole HEALTH of the disciple and church. At BastropFirst we believe that health in the disciple should include physical, mental, and spiritual and we should focus on the health …


Our History(excerpts)

We have a good and faithful history in Service to God, His local body and within our local community

In the fall 1947, Rev Wayland and Francis Woodall felt God's leading to pioneer an Assembly, but did not know where. In faithful obedience, they sold their home in Nixon and bought a small, one bedroom mobile home and moved to Lockhart. In December 1947, the Woodalls heard from Heaven and moved to Bastrop to do a special work for the Lord.

In Feburary 1948, with the help of Presbyter M.C. Rutherford (Pat Stubb's father) $500.00 was given by the Texas District Coucil to help establish the Church. On March 30, 1948 the original lot on Austin street (paert of our parking lot) was purchased from W.H. and Irene Sims. Since Camp Swift (an Army Camp) was being closed, Rev. Woodall led the new comgregation to buy a 25' X 60' barracks and the first building of the young congregation was readied for use.

On April 25, 1949, the property where the present santuary sits was purchased from Zeb Gray. The old parsonage (Annex I) was bought from Tom and Laverne Townsend October 28, 1952, and the present sanctuary was built in 1953. Morris Hendrix (Alma Azanow's first husband) helped build the floor, and Ben Gibson (Arlene's husband) helped install the curbing around the church corner. Annex 11 was purchased from Austin's Central Assembly in October 1991.

Over many decades several fine men and women have served this congragation in word and deed. We thank God for each of their contributions all of which help to make us the congregation we are today.

For more than two-decades to the present Reverend Phil Woods along with his wife Nancy have found serving the Lord and this congregation as Senior Pastor. They have demonstrated what is means to care for the flock of God. They are loved by the congregation, respected within the community and reflect the love of  God in a most caring manner to everyone.